Final. Conclusion!

It’s over. I’m done. I’ve finished. I’m gone.

I have no idea how it happened, but all of a sudden I find myself back home in my room sitting at my desk, trying to write, to conclude, to reflect, to explain – but I can’t really think of anything but the fact that when I left for the adventure of being an Au Pair every aspect of my life changed and now that my time there is over everything changes again. Continue reading


Start the Countdown!

WOW! It’s getting serious now! I’ve just had my last full weekend as an Au Pair and am now in the final week, struggling to get everything prepared for the end and reflecting on the past ten months. The last week was really cool but also quite full on. Continue reading

Fun and Farewells

Wow, another week has passed by. The last couple of days were quite fun and my hostmother and I have been trying to make the most out of the days off school. At the same time my stay as an Au Pair draws to a close. Continue reading

School’s out!

Yes, school’s out. Not for me, but for the four year-old I am looking after. His last week was very eventful and really sweet. Also, we are extremely lucky with the weather right now. I know nearly the whole of Europe experiences a heat wave at the moment but who would believe that England could be that hot?!

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Lots of Sports!

At the beginning of the week before the last one I only knew that there was a pretty big tennis tournament at the Tennis Club my hostfather is a member of and that both he and my hostmother would go there once or twice. What I had not known then was that I would end up watching the qarterfinals of the Aegon Championships at Queens Tennis Club!

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Hello Summer!

Hello Summer! Or should I say: Hello English Summer? In the last three weeks the weather was amazing most of the time. We had many days with temperatures of about 24 degrees Celcius so we already went into the swimming pool with the boys a couple of times. But, of course, I am still in England so there are loads of changes in the weather and the temperatures too… As I have written the last post on the train to Hastings I will start off with the time I spent with my mum on the south coast. Continue reading

Where does the time go?

After a very long period of inactivity – but hey, better late than never –  I have finally brought myself to update my blog.

I have experienced many different phases during the last couple of months – from boredom to stress, from strong motivation over happiness, indifference and goal-orientation to sadness. Or just a mixture of all of that… And at the time I think I can be proud of myself.

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